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Mosaic High Waist Tights


Mosaic High Waist Funky Pants are ridiculously comfy pants that are made for performance and look great.
This gorgeously striking geometric design highlighting the rich hues of blue, reds and oranges. What’s not to love?!

The soft high waist band keeps the muffin tops and mum-tums comfortably tucked in. They have 2 great pockets, because one pocket is just never enough! The pockets are deep enough to fit your phone, keys, gels and a whole load more!
Funky Pants do not ride up your thigh but stay put!

Made from quick drying fabric you can swim in them and then wear them around the house. Double lined they help prevent chafing. The most comfy pair of tights you’ll ever own. You’ll find yourself grabbing them out of the washing pile, clean or dirty.

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